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It's for sure counterproductive to people's privacy and safety to have every report be discussed in public.

To give a proper breakdown, the staff section is kind of divided into two. All staff (site staff and forum staff) have access to most of it, but there's a mod section that only mods have access to. So site staff (meaning community manager, fan works editor - anyone who works on site stuff but isn't a moderator) cannot see reported posts (they used to be able to).

You might wonder what the point of that is. A long time ago we decided that it's better to build projects and front site stuff out in the community rather than in private, so what's the point in site staff (not moderators or admins) having access to the staff section? The short answer is that things that shouldn't be shared publicly like usernames and passwords for social media sites, and inconsequential stuff that's only relevant to actual staff to do with the front page, technical stuff etc, goes there. The important stuff like discussion of content etc. is all generally made in public.

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