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Unhappy COMMUNITY VOTE - AGAIN!! Making the Final Choices on Badges and Roles

G’morning/afternoon/evening darlings.

You know the drill.

Slightly different angle of voting here. I really wanted to avoid a situation where there was no way for a badge to get a majority vote for those roles that ended up with three badges to choose from. Therefore, in those cases, you get to pick more than one badge. The winners here will be determined by numbers—everything else is determined by percentages.

No questions here require any input (I don’t think the last survey did either, which was my mistake ), therefore, you can skip roles that you’re neutral about/would be fine with either badge winning. Remember though: if you don't vote, you can't complain.

Thank you so much for participating everyone. The whole process has been a blast: from dreaming up the initial mockups to writing up these surveys. I love this community and live to do what I can to serve it!

Thank you again so, so much B! This would not have worked out without your hard work and help. I am E - X - C - I - T - E - D to see our badges utilised over at XF. Aah! Here’s to our new home.
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