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f a n c y wrote: I find it hilarious that Fenrir, figure of a lone wolf, is leading for the role of Community Manager.
I think it comes down to how Fenrir correlates to the Shinra/SOLDIER and Ultimate/Buster – It's kind of like both of those things, but a little bit removed from the corporate structure or direct confrontation side of it.

Insofar as symbolism, I don't think that anything emphasizes the desire to be a part of things more than the journey that Cloud goes through in AC, especially because everyone keeps seeking him out to make him feel wanted, so while it seems counter-intuitive, I think it's actually quite brilliant.

Cyclops. Is. Right.

…Xenomorphaux Pas…

Shademp – on the subject of my seemingly boundless optimism wrote: After Ungoliant had sucked the light from the trees Telperion and Laurelin, she found that there was a third tree but whose light was too potent and immortal for her to absorb. Thusly, Ungoliant left Valinor in tears for she could not absorb the light of the tree named X-SOLDIER.


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