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well maybe if we were looking at a remaster or some slight differences i would probably agree more with you, but we have to remember it's almost a rehaul. they're even giving more insight on the previously empty avalanche members, so not seeing even a little bit more insight on any vagueness just doesn't seem likely.

also we have to consider what we have seen in the kotaku vids so far. zack's name was spoken probably less than a dozen times and was simply the character that changed cloud. so we can expect some more on that as well. also, CC was a prequel but remember i said in the sequel zerith was still included, twice.

but idk if this should be discussed anymore in this thread so i shouldn't go that further into it. for me, i will be surprised that for all that zerith pushing (and just generally more characterising zack) it won't be featured in the game or will be faint.

also, i wasn't implying since zerith was pushed in CC and slightly in ACC that aerith won't be interested in cloud or whatever. that will still be there of course. but the idea that S/E would include what they wrote in before isn't so far fetched.
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