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Default moar buttons??

my date cancelled on me so, consequently, i suddenly had all this extra time to work on making more buttons

lemme tell you upfront that this set is a hell of a lot uglier than the first bc it was just me scribbling up some ideas and colouring n shit. it made me appreciate B 1000% more than i already did. ty for the simple and clean lineart babe.


Rocket 26 (for BANNED)

Behold this vaguely phallic looking creature.


Bit of a controversial one I guess, lmao, since this is an ac(c) symbol rather than an og one (correct me if I'm wrong). Regardless, I was struggling to come up with FFVII-centric symbols and this was one of the distinguished few. I tried to make the wolf look a little more chibi I guess? Reminds me a bit of Nanaki...

What Looks To Be An Attempt At Drawing Meteor (for I dunno)

I am honestly embarrassed to be posting this but I FUCKING FELT LIKE I HAD TO in order to convey an idea lmao. Ignore the hideousness, it's gonna look better if we decide to run with it.

The Highwind (for Content Creators Possibly)

Something else I tried to chibi-fy a widdle bit. It's so cute!! I like this one.

Cosmo Canyon Observatory (for Staff Emeritus)

I'm actually proud of this button lmao. Cue the Cosmo Canyon song!

Right right, same deal, give me your thoughts. As you can see, I experimented some more with different button colours. Merci!

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