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BforBrigitta wrote: Possible improvements:
1. The button colour - Lifestream Green may not be the best colour to go for as it might blend in with the Xf forum's default colour palette. I would suggest a contrasting colour, like purples/reds/oranges/yellows.

I like this suggestion.

BforBrigitta wrote: 2. Try playing around with the width of the outer rim of the button, like making it a little thinner for a cleaner look?
Imma give it a go!

Flare wrote: Also what about a black feather or the black wing to represent Sephiroth instead of the Masamune?
Hell, why not!

Flare wrote: Also also, could maybe do the ultima weapon (the one cloud wields) instead for admins, and make mods with the buster sword? Hmm idk idk! I'm flashing back to those updated cookie monster award trophies we made
Nah that’s a legit idear! And if we’re running with more simple shit, I’m thinking we could utilise the nail bar for either newbies or BANNED .

Claymore wrote: Amazing. These are going to look great on the new forum.

Flare wrote: These are really looking nice! My main thought right now, how do they look at much smaller sizes? Like, would the Cosmo Canyon show up clearly, for example?
Lex wrote: Badges looking fantastic - can't individually talk about them now due to time constraints but I echo the concern about how they'll look shrunk down, and for that reason I think we should stick to the more iconic/ less detailed logos (soldier logo, masamune, buster sword, meteor, wolf etc) but we can trial them all and see how they look for sure before making any solid decisions in that respect.

I'll give more detailed input in a bit
They’re going to show up as 50x50 px on the forum eh? I’m gonna take a small nap, but later today (hopefully within the next couple of hours), I can just post everything scaled down.
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