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f a n c y

ForceStealer wrote: Mm, dat Ultima Weapon.

I love how they overflow a bit off the 'edge' of the icon.
Sexy yeah? I was honestly leaning towards either that or the Buster Sword to be the admit badge. Now I’m thinking Buster Swords might be for the mods whilst Admins get Ultima

And yessss, B was suggesting the objects ‘overflow’ completely. Maximises what you see.

Kingdom Hearts530 wrote: Dats some F A N C Y ( ) buttons!

I want one.


InterfaceLeader wrote: They all look SO GOOD. And I didn't think the Cosmo Canyon one would look clear when it was shrunk down, but it actually looks great.

The only one I'm not sure about is the nailbat with the 'nope' circle, I think it obscures too much of the bat so it's not clear what it is (the fully visible nailbat is great).
OMG B AND I WERE LIKE DETERMINED TO MAKE COSMO CANYON WORK THIS MORNING/(her evening)!! It was looking hideous but I think we finally got it to a point that’s passable. Soooooo happy <3

B was saying something similar re:ban badge! Might just take the bat out entirely and just leave the ‘nope’ circle? Like, the banned folks don’t get anything special because FUCK THEM THEY’RE BANNED
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