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Voted. That was harder than I expected it would be with all the friggin' cool designs. YOU'RE ALL DOING SUCH GREAT WORK, I CAN'T EVEN! I also kinda wanted to poast what went through my mind when voting as well.
  • Admin – ShinRa (Heads of the Corp)
  • Moderator – SOLDIER (The main troops with powah)
  • Site Contributor – Fenrir (Helping differently than the SOLDIER)
  • Community Manager – Meteor (Symbolically representative of the FFVII / TLS community)
  • Donator – Buster Sword (A recognizable & cool donation symbol)
  • Great Old One – Ultima Weapon (The result of completing all the poast sidequesting)
  • Staff Emeritus – Masamune (Former ShinRa & will never be just a memory)

I am looking forward to seeing how other people feel/sort out their opinions over which symbol corresponds to what, and finding out how it all shakes out in the end!

Cyclops. Is. Right.

…Xenomorphaux Pas…

Shademp – on the subject of my seemingly boundless optimism wrote: After Ungoliant had sucked the light from the trees Telperion and Laurelin, she found that there was a third tree but whose light was too potent and immortal for her to absorb. Thusly, Ungoliant left Valinor in tears for she could not absorb the light of the tree named X-SOLDIER.


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