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Took me a while to go through these and decide! Really tough options here. Here's my thoughts on them.
I nixxed the Cosmo Canyon, Nail bat, and Masamune at the start, the former being an awesome design but I feel it fails at being a badge at a small size, while the latter two were just my least favorite designs overall (though something representative of Sephiroth might be a great idea anyways, I just think a feather might do better?)

  • Admin – Meteor. Was deciding between Meteor and Shinra logo, but felt that Meteor suited the role more (the color played a part here).
  • Moderator – Soldier logo. Turks might be better (idk, badge with a suit? ) but Soldier brings to mind a group that could moderate situations?
  • Site Contributor – Shinra. Though I thought they could've been for Moderator as well, but then the Soldier logo doesn't fit Site Contributor...
  • Community Manager – Ultima. Tbh I wasn't very solid with this one though, felt like another logo would've been better but I thought said other logos were better elsewhere.
  • Donator – Fenrir. No big thinking behind this, Fenrir makes me think of a delivery service though so? :thinking:
  • Great Old One – Jenova, hands down. She's the closest to a great old one in FFVII.
  • Staff Emeritus – Buster Sword. Purely because Buster Sword makes me think of Zack (or Angeal if you like the compilation) and brings to mind a sort of... idk, legacy, you know?

Also I voted for B's style, I love the artsy-ness of Fancy's designs but I think the simplistic, modern look that B has fits XF better, and also is symbolic of the whole 'moving to a new forum' thing going on.
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