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It's all chill bruh, I didn't read Channy's poast that way. 'Middle management' pretty much hits the nail on the head. I understand and appreciate your sentiments hunny bun, but I'm certain no harm was meant n shit.

Anyway, ~31 votes later, I wanted to post a snapshot of the results and give folks an idea of what the second survey is going to look like this Thursday/Friday.

Yay, looks like we have two definites: Jenova for 'Great Old One' and badges in minimalist Style 1.

As you can see, some badges are going to be considered for more than one role. In a case where, say, BUSTER SWORD wins the majority vote for both 'Moderator' and 'Site Contributor', we'll take a closer look at the actual number of votes.

Picture this:

Though 'Site Contributor' technically has the greater percentage, physically, more people voted 'Moderator' to get the Buster Sword. So 'Moderator' gets it.


This is definitely just a report and not a thinly veiled attempt to bump this thread and assure that every active participant in the community is voting.

fucking vote

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