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Flare wrote: I'm curious though, the Creativity section was open to the public once before? Why was it closed to the public?
The creativity section was publicly viewable at one time, then people were creating threads that were essentially personal blogs about their life and it was made private along with general discussion.

Ruby Rose wrote: By public, that usually means not open to people not logged in?
Public means available to the public, which it currently isn't. This is bad, because of the competitions etc. that we'd like people to get involved in. If it's behind a log-in wall (which it is currently) it means people have to join to view it so sharing links to competitions on say social media just brings people to a login page.

If anyone has any private threads in there they wouldn't like the general public to see, now would be the time to request to move them to a more private section.

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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