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JBedford wrote:
leadmyskeptic wrote: But, to be clear on this:
There are 3 DIFFERENT dialogue translations, original, PS1, and GBA?? Or the PS1 still uses the original translation, where the GBA one was the first to update/alternate? I never even heard anything about this censorship issue, either. I'm sure I'm overthinking this, but I am the typea dude who is BIG on the first experience being the "right" one (I.E. "Which record do I start with?" when getting into a band etc)
The PS translation is almost identical to SNES. They fixed two things but still mostly Woolsey's original script.

As far as censorship goes:
-SNES version censored skin on sprites, and also removed smoke from enemy sprites. Not used it but there's a patch for this stuff.
-PS version uses all original uncensored sprites
-GBA version censored a li'l bit o' skin on a couple sprites, and also censored the aforementioned interrogation scene. Again, this patch reverted the GBA screen colour compenstation changes and also uncensored those sprites, this patch just uncensors those two aforementioned sprites, and this patch supposedly restored the aforementioned scene -- not used any of these patches and don't know about compatibility or anything

The censorship on sprites is no big deal. But if you are going to regret not being able to see bare pixel ass when you use that summon that you actually probably won't ever use (I didn't even find out how to use summons until after I completed the game!), then you'll want to play PS1 or patch another version.

I've never compared scripts, but I imagine the GBA will be better. Both for being a good English script, but also SNES/PS script is more likely to have been changed because of old Nintendo of America's policies (like their block on religious referencing, which lead Holy to be renamed to Pearl).
Speaking of mods, I have to give props to, which has two fascinating mods, one for Final Fantasy I and for Final Fantasy V.

The FF1 had a few different versions. The earlier ones redistributes spells to different classes, and generally makes the game both more fair, and also a bit more challenging by throwing in some new spell/abilities.

The FFV one is a major change because it makes it so NO skill is a default requirement, so you can really get the most out of your mix-and-matching on jobs. It also somewhat rearranges which jobs you get from which crystal. If I'm ever going to finish a version of V, it's gonna be this modded version. I love having a white mage that can also summon AND use barehanded, since I can just omit having to use an item ability on them. Likewise I can take attack off a job like Black Mage where it'd be useless, and replace it with the Dance skill.
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