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Exactly where in the hell did you get "popular"?
I'm just getting the impression that if say, Alex or Bexy were appointed moderators, very few people would have complained. While that's an extreme example perhaps, I do feel as if this community is rooted in nepotism and cliquishness and 'popular opinion.'

The problem is this guy is unaquainted with the community and the most folks have come up with is "hey he knows japanese and wrote some cool essays"!
His dedication and knowledge of the fandom is unwavering and impressive. While I understand he's not really known, to me that's irrelevant because the Staff believes that he's capable. Does that take anything away from Tennyo? No! I still believe she would be a great addition to the Staff and I'd personally vouch for her.

However, TresDias is also a very capable, intelligent person, and while being familiar with the community is certainly a plus, I don't believe it's a requirement, because generally moderating a community is an objective job. Moderate people who flame, spam, and fuck shit up. I know he won't OVERSTEP ANY BOUNDS or whatever.
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