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Celes Chere

The reason I am against that idea, is because I see no real use for it. The reason why I am against the second idea - it's not that I mind there is a private section for staff to discuss how to handle certain issues. I believe that is how staff should use that section. What I don't like, is that staff was talking behind certain Forum members behind their backs. Staff has already apologized for this and owned up to it. I would not participate in any section of the site that speaks down on it's member base like that. If it happened in the staff section you can bet I would tell people to cut it out. I think the staff Forum should stay, but the issue is now that some members don't feel like they can trust the staff to speak about private matters in a way that's not disrespectful.

If we could open up that private section of the Forum to everyone (not just one on one with staff) I think it'd be more useful. I think privately PMing certain staff you want to speak to isn't that hard to do. However we all have differing opinions on this matter, those are just mine. What's done is done and so we all have to deal.

If people want to use that private section of the Forum, they are more than welcomed to. I just see no use for it, myself. If in the off chance I was made a staff member I'd start using it if I had to.

All in all, everyone should just be honest with one another. More conflicts are avoided that way.
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