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Fascination wrote:
Still, the sentiment of "Blame White People" is untenable, and will lead to Trump and People Like Trump being elected over and over again for decades. It's not going to work.
The thing is that white people need to talk to other white people to sort the mess. This is the type of coalition work that should have been done donkey years ago, but at least when the first seeds of the Tea Party movement began to sprout. "Blaming white people" isn't what got Trump in the Oval Office (and lbr, where does this happen but online), but you can bet passivity did. Not only the unwillingness to challenge the far right and decades of coded language, but the institutionalisation of racism and her uglier brother, neoliberalism. You can shout down Republicans and their overt antics and all, but it means nothing if the Democrats (who are in a way, more sinister) and their fauxgressive policies continue uninterrogated. I would give an arm for half the white people out there breaking shit right now to sit down for a bit and do some one-on-one relational work with each other for even just an hour.

I mean, if you not throwing hands with Grandpappy Joe every time he says some nonsense over string bean casserole dinner then..............wyd.
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