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Jason Tandro

Dashell wrote: Gay marriage being legal is white people's fault too, right? Why do we blame whites when something goes wrong but don't compliment them when they do the right thing?
Why don't we compliment anybody when anybody does something right? I'll admit we as a people have a tendency to skew negative, especially in the age of the internet. That said, as you pointed out, white people are the majority and hold the majority of power and... yeah pretty much everything is our fault. If decency were viewed as a duty instead of a perk there would be less problems.

and Jason, that news IS scary, I guess I'll wait to hear it from Trump himself, he spoke about protecting LGBTQ people, and I hope that wasn't a lie
It's entirely possible he could surprise us all and be a good leader, but based on his actions and his 100 day plan, I doubt it.
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