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Jason Tandro

Trainer Red wrote: The thing is, is that I feel that blaming white people for everything that went wrong with this election is the reason why this election was the stuff of nightmares.

I mean, if you constantly tell a cishet white male from the rust belt that he's a shitlord and needs to die just because of his skin color and sexuality, and that their issues don't matter, they're gonna get tired of being demonized and belittled like that all the time. Let me be evil and all that.

....I'm going somewhere with this post, but to be honest, talking politics gives me a headache and I'd rather draw stuff than do politics.
That's also a good point and there was an article that my brother shared that basically said "the extreme PC left overreacting to every minor indiscretion fostered this feeling of being attacked which allowed Trump to win." It's an interesting thought.
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