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Trainer Red wrote:
I mean, if you constantly tell a cishet white male from the rust belt that he's a shitlord and needs to die just because of his skin color and sexuality
....But again, in what world does this happen.

In any case, the majority of the white electorate in general voted for Trump, so it isn't a white male phenomenon. And working class whites were the only demographic within the white population where Clinton pulled ahead, so it's not been characterised correctly as blue collar backlash, either.

The fruits of this election definitely have their roots in something reactionary, but it's not a reaction to what's been described. Even if it were, implicitly justifying this white spite as described and thereby assigning blame to people who face tangible discrimimation is not sensical to me.

Like, I just don't see it for some frog meme 4chan dork mad because he got mocked by Internet negroes.
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