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I mean, if you constantly tell a cishet white male from the rust belt that he's a shitlord and needs to die just because of his skin color and sexuality
....But again, in what world does this happen.
Well, it happens a lot in the social justice scene on tumblr, even when I mostly ignore social justice on tumblr and stay out of that crazy shit. But I mostly said this in response to Dashell's comment that people on her FB feed were blaming straight white boys, and to some of Jason's other posts.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Trump really reached out to those people, while Hillary did not, and that's part of why she failed? Aside from the whole DNC fucking themselves over bit. I dunno. My face hurts cause of the weather and because of all of this election stuff. This is why you guys never see me in the debate/politics forums.
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Scared of Life wrote: I THINK The Wii can play Blue Ray because it has Bluetooth and aren't they the same thing?
I'm just a girl who bought the Wii because of the Wii Mote. It's so nice and it vibrates.
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