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LicoriceAllsorts wrote:
Obviously change will come about partly through natural attrition, as the older and more reactionary generations die off.
No, it won't. If that were the case, then -isms would be dead already. Racism in particular is an invention that was very intentionally created and maintained over centuries, thus it needs an intentional remedy. It changes forms and becomes cyclic, but it won't just disappear on its own. Especially not during observable fascist upticks in the face of capitalism's disasters. We've seen this historically. Which would be why most college-educated white millenials voted Trump.

But in a democracy, people vote for whatever they believe will protect their interests. That is their right. If "you" (any given individual) are voting for the candidate you believe will benefit you most, you can't really turn around and demand that other people NOT vote for the candidate they believe benefits them.
But nobody said that tho. The takeaway here is the need to interrogate what Trump's constituents believe is in their "best interest" and why.

This is a good time to recall Martin Luther King's words: only love can drive out hatred.
He also got killed dead for that, so I mean.....

I know that MLK's legacy has been highly sanitised and all now, but the reason he was so influential is because the American government considered him a threat.

...And I don't think people are all that familiar with his writing, because he also lambasted white moderates who called for "understanding" and gradual "progress," supported reparations, began to oppose imperialism and the burgeoning military-industrial complex in his later years, etc etc. His call for nonviolence wasn't ideological kumbayah, it was a concrete strategy intended to discredit and disgrace the US government before its allies (who were very relatively more tolerant) and invite international pressure.

You especially need to love the Trump voters.
Iono about alldet.

Love them and be kind to them, and show them, with patience and gentleness, why it's in their interests to change.
And who gon help us out in the meantime?? Who gonna

I'm being mostly tongue-in-cheek here, but telling people they need to kiss and kowtow while they suffer lest they hurt their abusers' feelings.....itsnotrealistic.gif.

(But anyway you don't have to listen to me, I'm not even American.)
The gag is that I'm technically not, either.


Trainer Red wrote: Well, it happens a lot in the social justice scene on tumblr
That's exactly what I'm talking about. A very small segment of marginalised peoples venting on the Internet (the only place you really can) is not the culprit of systemic trends. Especially when most of the population is not even exposed to it. How is that at all comparable to offline racial/gendered/whatever aggression that the other side experiences every day (for the last several hunnit years)? To the tune where a mainstream (child rapist) presidential candidate can call Mexicans rapists, say he wants to reinstall internment camps, talk about how good it was back in the day when you could string up black people whenever (not that this has changed much), is comically misogynistic, etcetera.

I mean's just notrealistic.gif.

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