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Note: It's been a long time since I've originally played FFVII (when I was like, 12) and it's been a long time since I've posted in this thread. I can admit to the fact that FFVII's writing doesn't exactly have very much depth, even compared to later titles and especially compared to say, something like Dragon Age or Deus Ex. With that being said it's still a very enjoyable game and and narrative, just don't you know, look too much into it.

With that being said, I think people try to push the Turks too hard into 'good guy/bad guy/VERY GRAY LOOK HOW GRAY I AM' roles like Japanese media is pretty good at doing.

Looking at the Turks now, I don't really think they're too much of anything in terms of the good/evil spectrum. They're talented, but ultimately regular minded people with an extremely amoral job (that I also agree that BC failed to really illustrate) that has them to some pretty fucked up shit for a paycheck. Then the end of the world comes (that they sort of...helped indirectly), and being human, as in, not total monsters, Reno and Rude have a change in perspective and they feel pretty bad about it.

They're not made of the same heroic fiber that AVALANCHE is, nor are they out and out evil villains like Pres. Shinra or Sephiroth, either. The original FFVII did the best job at portraying this, and ultimately the Compilation really muddied the waters on their characterization a bunch. Again, BC didn't help for a lot of reasons, one reason being is that they were punching too far above their weight class via fighting super powered summons and WEAPONS and such, and two, they made AVALANCHE way morally worse than the Turks, which was already pointed out.

I feel that the Compilation really confused the Turks and pretty much the reason why we're having this conversation. The original game really got them right the first time.
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