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How about 'Together we can rebuild Shinra'. They don't seem very reformed to me, what with the whole 'siccing superpowered killers on Cloud while explaining nothing to him.' Even in Case of Shinra, Elena's hanging round out of personal loyalty to Tseng, Rude just can't imagine being anything else, and Reno has something ambiguous that may or may not be regret.

They're the only characters that get their redemption for free.

Part of this is a reaction to the fandom, which sometimes works really really hard to show that they don't have a choice but to do the things they do, while in the canon they never follow orders they don't like. I mean, I actually can't think of an example where they fully followed through on something they didn't want to do without rebelling at least somewhat.

The original FFVII did the best job at portraying this,
I agree... except for the Wutai quest.
Octo, and possibly some other people wrote: You should be able to build your side without tearing another down
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