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I agree... except for the Wutai quest.
If anything that gives them depth and consistency. It was established pretty early that the Turks have no real personal beef with AVALANCHE.

And rebuilding Shinra is also a pile of wank. You don't get to behave as Shinra did and then atone and still get to keep your business. Can you imagine such a thing happening in real life?
Yes you do and yes I can imagine it, because it happens all the time even in real life with real world empires (antagonistic or no) What would happen if various empires throughout history (including the USA), even the aggressive ones,, or not, just disappeared overnight?

Keep in mind I'm not defending Shinra. But at the same time, Shinra almost singlehandedly propelled the world of FFVII into the modern age, and propped up the entire planet's economy, infrastructure, culture, and collective defense for a generation. The world is in a precarious yet realistic position of being better off without Shinra in the long run but absolutely depending on it to function smoothly.

They can eventually rebuild without it, but I don't blame certain people for wanting certain elements of Shinra (namely, civilization) to return without the evil corporation shit attached with it.

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