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What is to stop people rising up and forcibly taking control of the infrastucture without the people responsible getting to sit on top and continue enjoying their cushy lifestyles? Everyone is meant to just suck that up because there is meant to be something unique about Rufus Shinra that he has to be in charge like some god mode Mary Sue?
Having Shinra back doesn't mean Rufus Shinra sitting on his ivory tower, eating grapes, though. It doesn't have to mean Rufus coming back to run the company at all. I do think Rufus is a capable and competent enough leader to truly reform (at least, enough) to get the world moving in a better direction, but either way, certain elements of Shinra reforming doesn't have to mean things being exactly as they were.

But Shinra DID prop up almost the entirety of Gaia. I think it's important to separate the idealistic from the pragmatic.

Edit: And Mussolini, Gadaffi etc, these fuckers get what is coming to them and arguably those guys did less than Shinra ie. they didn't actually jeopardise the entire planet.
Saddam Hussien absolutely got what was coming to him, and after he died, in a lot of ways shit got a lot worse for the people under him (and the region as a whole) as a direct result of his death. Shit's complicated like that, and I think a lot of times we forget that, even in our stories.

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