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The infrastructure is there, the people -even people who already are employed by Shinra - could say right well this is ours now.
They could! And it looks like they are; organizations like the WRO are sort of proof of that. But look at it this way; is there any real functional difference between the WRO and a hypothetical 'Not Evil Shinra'? I'd say not much. Shinra brought organization, economy, structure, and culture. Any sort of cohesive organization that brings those things that disappears overnight either 1. Comes up again in a different form or a different name (basically what happened in FFVII) 2. Everyone lives in abject misery until they get their shit together

I understand what you're saying, but it's very idealistic and not really rooted in...anything throughout human history.

I would think after experiencing near total destruction people would have reached the limit of what they are willing to put up with and grow a backbone.
Shinra returning does not mean taking shit.

I talk about Rufus and the Turks because that is what was being brought up, some sort of atonement on their parts, but I don't think its true atonement if they get to keep their positions, cos it wasn't like some mistake like an industrial accident, it was greed and they made life shitty for people long before that.
How do you know their intentions?

I just dont think it makes for a good story is all, and it all boils down to them not having the balls to keep a popular character - Rufus- dead like he was supposed to be
I perhaps can agree with that.
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