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I understand what you're saying, but it's very idealistic and not really rooted in...anything throughout human history.
Fair enough, although dictators have been strung up for less. Sure things go to shit, things have gone to shit. I just think it makes a crappy story. Like if in Star Wars they blow up the Death Star and then Darth Vader and the Emperor come back and are like nooo we're reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllly sorry guise! That aint a satisfactory conclusion to me.

How do you know their intentions?
I know Rufus was quite happy to rule through fear prior to meterorfall. So the way I see it, he has had an 'oh shit' moment because the entire planet nearly got destroyed but he still wants to cling to power, otherwise all that weird manipulative shit he does in AC makes little sense- if he genuinely wanted to help and had pure motives. Had meteorfall not happened would he have had some revelation about not being a piece of shit? I doubt it.

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