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Fair enough, although dictators have been strung up for less. Sure things go to shit, things have gone to shit. I just think it makes a crappy story. Like if in Star Wars they blow up the Death Star and then Darth Vader and the Emperor come back and are like nooo we're reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllly sorry guise! That aint a satisfactory conclusion to me.
There's degrees to this, though, Octo. While I wouldn't buy the Emperor seeking forgiveness (he really was pure evil), Darth Vader did seek absolvement for his crimes and to a degree he did redeem himself. But if he did survive, it would be perfectly realistic for him to slowly seek and (possibly, indeed not everyone gets it) find true remorse and redemption. I think you're looking at good/evil as a stark binary, and I don't think it's the right way to go.

With that being said, I'm glad that you brought up Star Wars before I did; there's a lot of EU stories about all of the chaos and collapse that resulted from the Empire's defeat.

I know Rufus was quite happy to rule through fear prior to meterorfall. So the way I see it, he has had an 'oh shit' moment because the entire planet nearly got destroyed but he still wants to cling to power, otherwise all that weird manipulative shit he does in AC makes little sense- if he genuinely wanted to help and had pure motives. Had meteorfall not happened would he have had some revelation about not being a piece of shit? I doubt it.
You can absolutely be ambitious and not be an evil villain, and want to help, or at least just be amoral and make your money without wanting to actively screw people over. If anything, some expressions of altruism require power. The idea that ambition and power are intrinsically 'evil' feelings is bullshit (I'm very ambitious, especially in real life, but I don't think I'm evil. Am I evil guys?), and while Rufus has a precedent and a track history to haunt and for people to rightly judge him for it, one could feel remorseful for how shit went down from your actions and still be ambitious.

For example, in the military, I was very ambitious and I wanted power, and I got promoted enough times into being a non commissioned officer to get it. Was it because I was evil or I wanted to lord over people? No. I just knew that in the infrastructure and organization I was in, being lower ranked and powerless not only personally sucked, but I couldn't effect any positive change (for myself or others) from being the equivalent of a Private. For me to be able to make things better for myself or anyone else, power and ambition was required. Now, as a civilian in the business world, that still rings true.
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