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Nah I dont think he has to live in a sewer, I would imagine he has a load of personal wealth anyway. As for the rest, he was born into power, so whether that makes him inherently good at running shit - bearing in mind that 'ruling through fear' is like the easiest way of running shit, you dont have to please people you just have to crack skulls and crush dissenters or whatever, so its more out of a sense of entitlement than anything else. In terms of being a benevolent ruler he's an unknown quantity.
Of course, and it's entirely fair to use his track record as a predictor of future actions, but I also think it's only fair to account the EARTH SHATTERING FORMATIVE EXPERIENCE of seeing the world about to end before your eyes and being partially responsible. Rufus is at a crossroads right now between 'good' and 'bad', and maybe he never goes down the road and just stays at 'rich opportunist', but I don't think that means he's bad by default.

If anything, and I stress again, I believe that someone with Rufus' crimes who DOES get a second chance but ISN'T sorry about it to an appreciable degree probably is evil, and I don't think that's Rufus. While they may never be 'good', I truly believe based on what we've seen that Meteorfall fundamentally changed Rufus.

Or maybe not! More on that below.

Sure, but I think it crosses a line if it's going to put people in danger.
I entirely agree, but the problem with attaching this to Rufus is that we don't know yet. The only results we've seen out of post FFVII Rufus is his funding of WRO, which is a 'good' thing with 'possibly shady' motives. It's entirely possible that in a future Compilation entry, Rufus could go back to his old tricks like a drug, but it's also entirely possible that being partially responsible for bringing the world to its knees sparked some real change in a man that could grow to something more, even if he grows into an old man and dies and never touches heroism.

It absolutely crosses a line if Rufus does harm, but we just don't know yet.
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