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Brandon Stark wrote:
Cat Rage Room wrote:
Genesis is the most powerful being left on the Planet and personally started a solo war against the Shinra that sprawled the entire world. He's on a completely different level from either versions of AVALANCHE.
So is that a guy you're trying to fight?
Your best chances of taking him down are in Deepground, but you prefer to keep all of them tucked away in Deepground for good reasons. Genesis, out there on his own devices might decided to go topside where they don't like deploying Deepground. So unless there was some reason they knew Genesis would underground that seems like a timesensitive issue they'd wanna get on ASAP.
We're speculating because we're not really sure of Genesis level of strength relative to Deepground's, but generally (and I feel comfortable saying this as an actual representative of a military), military forces, at least smart military forces, aren't in the business of getting into fights that they can't win.

If it was determined that engaging Genesis would lead to a certain level of casualties or damage that would disrupt their greater strategy (or would generally be unacceptable), then I can absolutely seeing them letting him walk away, if only to plan something else later on.

Going "oh well the answer's no Genesis? prepare to fite" and then getting murderized by Genesis immediately afterwards as a result is not a smart move.
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