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Well I'm not exactly expert in DoC knowledge either (what am i saying I'm not expert in anything) but I thought some form of theoretical 'absolute' control is the basis for the Restrictors. And I just kinda went along with the chip thing since it was mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread.

I think I read somewhere (yes again with this source amnesia crap from me) that Tsviets are spliced with Genesis's DNA? And Genesis is like...less part-Jenova than Sephiroth is.

LicoriceAllsorts wrote: Maybe "they" determined Genesis was in an irreversible coma and decided to leave him to rot?
I thought this was also a possiblity. But then everyone started discussing in terms that he 'refused' the offer to join the Deepground coup, so I thought whether he was awake or not was never a debate.
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