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Cat Rage Room wrote: While the remake shoehorning in the Compilation in the main game would be a fucking pain in the ass, it would be irresponsible for them as writers and forming a narrative to just forget it exists entirely. I hate that shit; if you write something in a lore, follow through with it (and make it better) unless you consciously write it out. I'm fine with optional references in a larger world.
They have a loophole through Untrustworthy Narrator. For a large majority of the game, we look at the events through Cloud's eyes. Aside from cryptic existential break downs that have no context till Disc 2, we trust Cloud's knowledge to be true.

So until the we get to the Mideel arc, any and all compilation nods could be buried away along with the truth in Cloud's memories. We may not get any references till part III, at which point they would have played it safe by hooking in even the most die-hard anti-compilation people. It might piss them off when Golden Hilt, ShinRa Files, and Genesis Cameos come flying in part three and beyond, but at that point they'd be locked in, or at least have paid for 2/3rds of the franchise. Everything except for Cloud and Tifa being attacked by Genesis Clones and the Gold Hilt has been more or less carefully written to not conflict with the canon by killing off characters, sending them into hiding, or that ShinRa has a strangle hold on all information.

It'd be devious, but I'm not entirely sure Square would realize this opportunity is there. But they 'could' go this route, and build a LOT of material for the final part as both padding, and a reward for Compilation loyalists that would eagerly seek this material out.
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