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Undermines the super secret nature of it
As opposed to the dozens of other super secrets that the party/player finds out during FFVII?

Don't get me wrong, I get what you're saying. When I was a kid I was sold on the idea of secrets being so secret that nobody ever finds out but I think when I joined the Navy the concept fell apart as preposterous when you start seeing shit that's supposed to be SUPER SECRET accidentally divulged in emails, voicemail messages, slips of paper that people forget in the mess hall, divulged to their booty calls, etc etc.

I remember when the Deus Ex games came around. A lot of the games involve sneaking around and having to find passwords to computers, electronic locks, PIN numbers etc etc, and a lot of the solutions to said passports (if the player doesn't feel like hacking them) are found in game on notepads, emails, scribbled down on scraps of paper etc etc. A few players pointed out "Isn't that unrealistic that passwords to super secret shit are just found by the player by soda machines and shit" and the developers (and a few players) responded that no, people really do that.

Let me be another one to tell you; people really do that shit.

There's a lot of state secrets that a lot of people will never know, but almost nothing is that secret, especially if you're already in the position to find out secrets, (like naval personnel like myself dicking around), or the FFVII party.
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