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Lex wrote: They'll be smaller than 50x50. Probably somewhere around 15x15.

So, I was right in thinking that they looked a little big after all.

Resized properly...

*tries not to cry, cries a lot*

Yeah, I dunno if that would work after all. B's might be the safer bet. Looks proper modern as well. We'll see when it's resized.

I took the liberty of resizing your set B.

Cthulhu wrote: The current icons used on xf are 25x25 (see Lex's thing on, that will fit 4 of them side by side. 50x50 would be possible but then 4 of them will be as big as the avatars are atm, which might be a bit much.

I'm concerned personally that the postbit will start looking a bit cluttered if there's >4 icons on there, .
FUCKITY FUCK how did I miss this

Lemme resize these once more.


Both sets resized at 25x25 px

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