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...I'm trying to figure out it Dungeonmaster Hater Of Food was banned for spamming about hatred of the comestibles industry or for unrelated reasons.

FancySycamoreTree wrote: But speaking of flanderised emo-ness, I believe a common theory about Cloud's general mopiness in AC is that he was suffering through an episode of depression even though I'm almost certain 'depression' isn't a condition that's recognised in Japan? which HEY! Guess who's else undergoes that??

So, yeah, whilst he ain't my fave, I like him plenty because I empathise a lot with try character. Of course, I'm probably just projecting my own personality onto him, but then, I think everyone does that to an extent with fictional peeps.
XD Especially game protagonists like Cloud.

AC Cloud is written as <em>pretty severely</em> depressed imo, which is actually kinda...not great considering they pretty clearly did it to have an excuse to make the movie not a team story, and they don't explain or contextualize anything well in the theatrical cut, and they chose to have Tifa yell at him about not having enough determination or caring enough about his loved ones when he is literally dying of death and treat it like a pep talk and then...left her behind for no reason while he went to another continent to rescue a bunch of children at her insistence?

And the expanded materials basically state that you make yourself vulnerable to Geostigma by being sad and afraid to die, which I generally choose to ignore because it's bullshit. Not a great treatment of the subject. :[

But I do love Cloud, and his awkward grouchy goofy goodness. I'm glad AC showed him being good even if they were also all blame-you-for-the-weakness-of-being-susceptible-to-trauma.
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