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i finished the last part of the dragon quest region (post-clear bonus battles), for which i had to keep restarting the app because it would crash constantly on my phone. and now i try to watch what i guess is the last cutscene for the region. except as soon as it starts that crashes too. and i think gradually this is going to stop working altogether on my phone.

i managed to get three lines of dialogue into the cutscene before it crashed again, and i'm not getting the option to restart the app from after the cutscene like you sometimes get. there's no way for me to escape this since the cutscene starts automatically when you're at this area, except maybe waiting it out until the event is over. which i think is the end of this month. so about 24 days.

i don't really have the financial leeway to upgrade my phone but it'd be nice if i could because this is annoying (and also i can only charge it by elevating the cable a bit with a pen or something)
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