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Do you know if the background animations still exist within the PC version, just unused?

On another matter, I wish to correct you about the PAL vs NTSC speed. The PAL version does play slower than NTSC. This is, from my understanding, why the timer is off in PAL and is thus not due to a bug. Since PAL plays at 50 fps, and NTSC at 60 fps, 1 minute in NTSC is 1 minute 12 seconds in PAL.

This lower speed makes Speed Square slightly easier.

However, the music does not play any slower. This is why the timing is off when using the Knights of Round.

Things get more complicated though with the FMVs. Despite the lower frame rate, the music and FMVs are not out of sync. The PAL and NTSC FMVs are of equal length. My conclusion then is that PAL simply skips frames, making the sequence appear less fluid than its American counterpart.
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