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Default FFXV lore master list; statement of purpose, suggestions and discussion thread

Chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development (mandatory and optional conversations)

Radio broadcasts and newspaper articles

Loading screen info

Miscellaneous lore (Cosmogony entries, Oric's Culinary Chronicles, in-game documents, equipment and item menu descriptions, etc.)

FFXV Scenario Ultimania translations


This thread is intended to serve as the point of reference for all the lore threads in this section, as well as the place to discuss their organization and presentation as they make their way into becoming actual articles for the front page.

It also bears taking a moment to define "lore" as the word is being used here. For the purposes of the work I've been doing, I define "lore" as "dialogue, documents or other information that speaks to, informs or generally develops the fictional world, its setting-specific terminology and the characters inhabiting it."

Obviously, with a definition like that, there will be things I chose to include that others wouldn't; and there will be things I didn't include that others would have. That's fine. Anyone and everyone else is welcome to make their own suggestions about this. I'd love the feedback.

Maybe there's something I haven't included that I should.
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