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You do have the option to go to the 10th/20th/etc. floors on this one though, so you can farm for the cards. People say the top one has the better odds for dropping cards but I'm not sure that's been confirmed. So I'm on the 20th

But yeah, usually once you've reached the top of Battle Towers you can't go back. And if you want to boost your rank you have to do the endless loop battles (Phantasmic Coil). This one gives 5 Ability tickets per loop completion so if you've got a really good deck it's useful to do. I'm told Gilgamesh kicks your ass with just one hit of his Ultimeh abilities though so you do have to hit him fast and hard.

Edit: Trying out grinding the top level to see if the drop rate is noticeably kinder. Battles are longer ofc so I'm already leaning towards grinding the lower, quicker levels based on the fact that I'm really impatient lol
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