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f a n c y wrote: Part 5
  1. Did you lose any cash to any Rats??
  2. Did you farm the varkids? If so, did you manage to get to Vermivorous the Invincible (only applicable to those playing TVHM+)?
  3. What do you make of Tiny Tina? How about Mordecai?
  4. How did your fight with Wihelm go?
  5. How do you feel about Angel’s betrayal? Did you see it coming? For Vets, can you remember how you felt?
  6. Any reactions to the bonus sidequests (use spoiler tags as necessary )?
  7. As always, got any stories from your adventures?
- Not that I am aware of, we were ON those muthas.
- We did not, in fact we kind of did the opposite - OH CRAP THERE'S A POD KILL IT KILL IT KILLITKILLITKILLIT! But maybe we should try...
- Tiny Tina is so best! Also Mord is pretty awesome. A lazy ass, but awesome.
- Wilhelm was dead easy. Nobody died, and his shields never even came up past about 20%, and I took that out right quick, and the M and A had corrosive and just chewed him up.
- Man, the first time that happened it was a weird feeling. Like, I had known Angel for so long, and yet the fact that she was talking to Jack, the fact that we just got this core for killing Wilhelm, the whole bait&switch with the train had me on edge. So I wasn't surprised, but I was disappointed.
- I have no specific stories to share about anything...except that I still think we're a really good team, kickin' ass and takin' names.
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Shademp wrote: I would just like to thank Airling and Blargon for being awesome additions to this forum.

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