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A dragon and a merchant met in a bar.

"GAAAAHHHH!" said the dragon and belched out a flame.

The merchant drew himself to his full height - which wasn't much. "Love!" the merchant said. "Love vanquishes the dragon! Quick, find me a girl to kiss!"

The only two women in the bar looked at each other, and then quietly finished their drinks and left without a word.

"Make it a quick and don't break anything," the bartender said. "You know the Turks love this bar, and would be pissed if anything happened to it."

"I'll have you know they call me Butch for a reason," the merchant said to the dragon, his chest (and belly) puffed, sweat gathering on his brow.

"I do enjoy an ironic nickname," the dragon replied, then balled up his mighty claw and punched the merchant right the moustache.

"Shiva's tit, that hurt," said the merchant, after he picked himself back up and dusted off his jacket. "Screw this for a game of Chocobos, I'm just a shopkeeper! I'm heading back to Costa Del Sol, where the girls have such low standards they even like that creepy scientist. Adios, dragon! Enjoy the spoils of your victory, whatever they are!"
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