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pt 7

You’ve been given a chance to explore Opportunity, Jack’s vision of a quintessential town. Visually, it’s a stark contrast to what you’ve seen on the harsh lands of Pandora, which is dotted with abandoned infrastructure and bandit slums, but in what ways do you find Opportunity and everything it represents similar to bandit camps and the like of Pandora? Do you think Jack is that much different from any of the bandits you’ve encountered?
Do you think the idea of a utopia such as Opportunity is in and of itself a bad thing? If so, in what ways would you take in order to bring ‘order’ to Pandora?
Are you in any way shape or form sympathetic to Jack’s plight in ‘civilising’ Pandora?
Did the propaganda you encountered remind you of anything in particular either recently or in history?
(Newbies) What do you predict will happen with Angel? Do you think Lilith should stay in Sanctuary or help fight?
(Vets) Now we’ve seen all the old Vault Hunters! Who was your favourite reveal/made you fangasm the hardest??
1. Honestly, Opportunity seems a lot like many of the other ruins we've seen on Pandora before. I expect that Dahl et al had their own strongholds, this one isn't any different.
2. As Utopias go, it sure isn't very secure. I was able to easily go on the rampage, including breaching a dam, breaking into the command centre, two assassinations, with enough time to waste for some petty vandalism. I'm even dying less than usual. Some kind of checkpoint at the gate would help. Lynchwood is a lot tougher to crack.

Clement's patented 'conquer the world' plan:

1. Pay the bandits to keep order in their own territories, subject to my rules.
2. Issue IDs to use hyperion facilities. Don't go hunting in the wilderness, make them come to me for medicine and stuff. Avoid oppressing Sanctuary, the bloodshots are doing fine on their own.
3. Remove vault hunter subscription to New U station after they cost me more money than I'm making from the respawns. Admittedly, that will take a while.
4. Ensure my gated communities have gates. Scrap wildlife exploitation preserve. Making dangerous animals more dangerous is not a useful endeavor.
5.Giant gold statues of me are to be made of easy to replace materials to save costs when they are inevitably vandalised. Same are to be regularly air dropped into bandit strongholds, to provide them with occupational therapy.
3. After that spoon story? No.

4. Not really, I don't know of any company that builds giant statues of their CEOs.

5. Jack always knows everything we're doing instantly so far, down to which specific statue I'm breaking. I can't imagine he's suddenly out of the loop this time. Lilith should stay away. Her powers are affected by iridium and so is the vault key. Not a good idea to mix the two until you know what you're doing.

Octo, and possibly some other people wrote: You should be able to build your side without tearing another down
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