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Default A Friendly Reminder: Clubs are Post Count Sections

Since we don't have the nifty VBulletin announcement function, I'm just going to post this here and hope people read it.

The clubs are a post count section, meaning, if you open up a club, you better make sure that it has discussable value. There's been too much spam and chit chat in the clubs. It's starting to suck activity away from the other discussion sections and if it keeps up I'm going to have to start moderating heavily and closing some clubs.

So again, I remind everyone: Don't spam and post some discussion and meaningful text. The clubs are not just to exchange videos, fanart, or chat with friends. If you want to do that, go to General Chat or PM your friends.

And don't be afraid to post ELSE WHERE too.

Any thoughts, or whatever, go for it
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