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Obviously my main interest is the fanfiction so what few ideas I have come from that side of the field. This site is a fantastic resource for fan-fiction writers - it's how I found it and grew to love it in the first place. Nobody ever made me feel stupid for asking noob questions (except mako, a bit, but that's his job) and if no one knew the answer, there would always be a knowledgeable discussion that would bring some possible answers to the surface.

I am always surprised when I find that my fellow fanfictioneers don't know about this site. They need to, and I regularly refer them here. FFVII is one of of the biggest fandoms in gaming fanfic, if not THE biggest. We ought to link ourselves more prominently within the main fanfiction sites -, LJ, Dreamwidth and A03 come to mind. That would get more people coming to visit this site, and some will stay.

That's all I've got.

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