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The credit for the roundup template entirely goes to Flint by the way, I did nothing to them. (I love how he was gracious enough not to point that out though )

This is going to sound bad, but it's literally a copy/paste job. The way I do it is - type "final fantasy" into google news, find the between 3-5 best stories (only go above 3 stories if there's a shitload of really good official news or cool stuff).

Once you have the stories, the job is simple (but can get a bit fiddly). Copy/paste the title and link into the appropriate places. Type in the name of the site in the link descriptor. Fine appropriate images/ videos. Copy/paste the code for them in the appropriate place. Copy paste the section of the article with the most descriptive/ relevant information, taking care not to put in too much text (I tend to put in a lot more text than Flint does, but it's not a massive amount), shorten it if need be.

Make sure to link to the appropriate forum thread under each section. Link to appropriate threads for that week under discussions and community stuffs.

Then just do the excerpt, tags, category and featured image. Voila, shiny Roundup times.

There's a tiny bit more to it than that (title, intro description is just a list of the titles in the article etc) but it's honestly all stuff that you figure out by putting the code/ text in, clicking "preview" then seeing what it looks like. The only thing this doesn't work with is the featured image and excerpt, which you unfortunately cannot see in context until it's public.

MAKE SURE THE IMAGE IS IN A 2:! ASPECT RATIO (i.e. 400x200 pixels or something) and everything will be shiny.

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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