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Default The Future of TLS

Hey folks, we had a bit of a staff crunch session today to discuss moving forward. Here are the main points we covered:


Shademp is stepping down as Compilation of FFVII Editor. He will retain his writing privileges as a Site Author to finish his series. We have decided not to replace his position as with the remake we feel that it's unnecessary (everyone wants in on the action kinda thing so it doesn't really matter).

Server Upgrade

Will happen some time in the next two weeks. Yop is handling it, there may be some down time (anywhere from 1 hour to 24 depending on how smooth it goes).

Forum Upgrade

We're upgrading to Xenforo. This will take place some time in January. Skinning and adjusting may take a bit of time. Yop is responsible for the backend and the graphic design is to be handled by those willing (Pixel/Flint).

Site Design

A new wordpress theme for the front page is to be chosen by December. The restrictions are that it must be malleable based on our needs, and must come with a separate companion mobile skin for mobile browsing. Lex is responsible. Desktop design to be wider at top.

When all is upgraded, the look and feel of the front page and forums will be more symbiotic. If need be, a floating menu bar could be integrated site-wide so that front page content is available everywhere.

Structure of Content

New design will feature content based on what attracts people (i.e. popular articles) and will be less news focused (items other than news will have "the top spot"). A section for the remake was discussed as well as a complete revamp of the menu bar, featuring more site-specific content like the compendium and possibly polls. Polls which we would like to integrate with the forum. The malleable WP theme will be ideal so that we can restructure as needed ("goal-oriented design").

Essentially, the content on the front page will undergo a comprehensive overhaul with the new theme and menu bar.

Content Discussion

TLS is going to write a remake walkthrough when the game releases. Yop pointed out that this will draw in a load of people. I suggested writing a guide for the original game as a community event which I'm happy to head up/ direct. Arguments in the past have been that "the best" guides exist elsewhere (think Absolute Steve), but this doesn't need to be an in-depth mechanics guide. It just has to be a walkthrough, it's fairly weird that we don't already have one. A poll will be created to determine whether this is minimalist/ missables by section or a full walkthrough. Writing this guide will be practice for the remake.

Various parties have been contacted for interview.


New software costs money. The possibility of a donation drive was discussed.

Flint is running the music contest to begin shortly as well as another "The Seven" article series.

The Creativity section is being made public again.


Comment below if you have anything to add folks <3

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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