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Octo wrote:
jazzflower92 wrote: The two certainly had a bond with Sephiroth that made him consider them to be his closest friends. I mean from the looks of it, he grew up not having very strong bonds with anyone.
Thats true, a lot is made of the friendships in FFVII, but like, I think it's all relative. They say Aerith and Tifa were best friends, and its like, really? They were thrown together in an adverse situation.

I guess it's all relative. So maybe what Sephiroth had was the closest thing to a friendship, even if it wasn't that strong.

Aerith the and Tifa were certainly closer than Sephiroth and the other two. And when I played on FFVII I didn't think Aerith and Tifa were that close.

I still think it was all a one sided relationship with Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal.
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