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Harley, I'm replaying CC myself right now and I see what you mean. The friendship between A, G and S is poisoned by Genesis' envy, but I think we can see other hints that their friendship is real: Angeal giving Sephiroth a long lecture about honour, and Sephiroth submitting to it; Sephiroth's (and Angeal's) concern for Genesis' health and Sephiroth's pain at being rejected as a donor; the conversation between Sephiroth and Genesis in Hollander's lab; the fact that Genesis has "beaten" Loveless into Sephiroth's head... They often act more like brothers than like friends, but the bond they have feels real to me (and that's saying something, because I dislike Genesis as a character).

Is Angeal disloyal to Shinra? One wonders why he should be loyal to Shinra in the first place, but he does try constantly to balance his divided loyalties. As Zack points out, Shinra are wrong to issue an extermination order against him because he fought on their side in the 'battle of Midgar'. I always thought the worst thing about Angeal was his determination to make Zack (and nobody but Zack) kill him - aka liberate him from his unbearable existence - although I suppose that could be interpreted as a determination to make Zack see the truth about Shinra.

Sephiroth is an odd one in CC. He does truly seem to care about the few people he actually cares about; he seems to be trying to tell Genesis that he values their friendship more than his own fame. He's quite nice to Zack. But he doesn't seem to get much pleasure out of the one thing he does really, really well: killing. Maybe it's just too easy for him. The only time he seems to be enjoying himself is when he's fighting Zack in Nibelheim, and maybe when he's slicing the Junon Canon to bits.

If he'd actually decided to leave Shinra, what would Shinra have done? He wasn't deteriorating, and he was an unstoppable super-weapon. If he'd said to them, "I'm sick of this, I'm retiring to Costa del Sol to perfect my embroidery," how could they have prevented him? Given his extraordinary powers, it's really odd to see how little will of his own he had. He didn't even exert himself particularly to save his friends; he simply refrained from killing them and sent Zack to do the job instead. Wouldn't it have been more heroic of him to take Zack's seat on that mission to Nibelheim, and give Angeal the death he wanted so that Zack wouldn't have to do it? But I suppose he was raised to be malleable and obedient.

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