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I see what you mean, but it does beg the question of what his "cure" involved. If the Jenova DNA in his body was removed, what, if anything, would happen to the powers it bestowed? if it was not removed, then what did his cure consist of - especially since Minerva is supposed to be the embodiment of the Planet and the planet recognises and is hostile to Jenova as a threat. Was his cure similar in nature to the Geostigma cure brought about by Aerith's rain? How strong is he after he is cured?

Yes, it's perfectly possible they took him to Deepground. When did the Deepground insurrection start? I really know nothing about it. At the time of rescuing him, the Deepground operatives, whoever they were (is it Weiss and Nero?) were presumably doing the bidding of their Shinra masters, so they must have taken Genesis back to whoever gave them the order to go pick him up.

Although, how did Shinra even know where Genesis was?

It's all so stupid.

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