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Obsidian Fire wrote: It's a bit inaccurate to say the Genesis is less part-Jenova then Sephiroth is. Most of that is based whatever inaccurate ideas Shinra had about what Jenova actually was all the way back before they even knew she wasn't a Cetra. All that basically means is that when Genesis was born, Shinra didn't think he had whatever they were looking for, so they gave him up to be adopted. Sephiroth, however did, so they kept him as an experiment. Genesis, Angeal and Sephiroth all have different Jenova-traits, it's just that Sephiroth's were the ones that were found out about first.

What can be said is that the way Jenova-cells were introduced to Genesis were different then the way they were introduced to Sephiroth, so that's probably where at least some of the difference comes from.

As for how the different ways they got them... Sephiroth's J-cells come from those Lucrecia was given before/during the time she was pregnant with him. Angeal's come from the cells Gillian had (after everyone in Shinra thought Gillian's experiment was a failure). Genesis had Gilllian's genes spliced into his while he was in a test-tube. He's arguably the one with the most "proactive" use of Jenova's copying abilities though. He's also the one who's DNA breaks down the fastest, which is the main thing he gets "healed" from by the goddess.

The relationship the Tsviets and Genesis have is really murky. Sometime after Genesis was born, someone in Shinra realized his cells did have something going on with them and spliced his DNA into that of the Tsviets. So the Tsviets themselves have never been exposed to Jenova cells (that's what the whole "pure" thing is about). They just have some very mutated human DNA added to them.

As for why DG wants Genesis... there's a big difference between having the DNA of something vs haveing the acutal thing. Also, Genesis just got the one big flaw in his DNA (the degradation) fixed. So I could see someone wanting to see what the differences are.
While the end of it's all speculation, there's some stuff in my old analysis that might also point to the whole S vs. G and Jenova relationship that's probably worth looking over:

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