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Ⓐaron wrote: As I said, apparently it failed to get through. I apologise, but as I said, I was hardly alone in failing to read your facetiousness.
Again, hence why I was more explicit about what I meant in my reply.

Do you think that Phobos literally meant to imply that Tres fellated the staff members? Because that's what I'm reading here.
No, but he in vulgar terms expressed the idea that Tres only got the position because of untoward favors performed, to say nothing of calling all the responses of 'all staff' 'condescending bullshit'.

I have a problem with the inconsistency. But you're wrong, I don't have a problem with you being laid back. I wish you were more laid back to be honest. Slightly risqué comments don't need to get form letter warnings.
And normally, I agree. But this isn't about it being risque. This is an accusation, made in jest or no, that was made in incredibly poor judgement. Making off color jokes is one thing. Making off color jokes about someone he doesn't even know is something else entirely.

Hence his warning that he should not make such comments ABOUT PEOPLE in the future unless he knows them well enough so that they it's a joke.
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